Sarah Corrigan

hazy day
sheep one
sheep 2
jersey gril
the surveyor
which way
sheep profile
brown cow web
20160716-fred looking
Jacob 3
ram 1
the girls
haydon hound reduced
lucy for mel
sheep skull i
Owl 1
Hound Oil 10" x 40"  £200
i see
robin 3
duck cleaned 1

I am a north east based artist and my primary inspiration is the diverse rural Northumberland wildlife and landscape. My work is  centered around animals including domestic, livestock and wildlife.

Using artist quality oils and materials, I paint in a fairly traditional method with the gradual build up of paint and glazes in order to create depth and vibrancy. I have work on permanent  exhibition in Northumberland and occasionally local county shows. 

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of the displayed works.  I am also happy to take commissions for any animal portraits